Select a Windows 10 Theme for your Computer

Are you becoming bored with the wallpaper images on your Windows 10 computer? Then it’s time for a change. Changing the look of your computer’s screen is easy. Let me show you how to select a Windows 10 theme for your PC.

A theme changes the images that are displayed on your screens, the color of various elements (such as window titles and the taskbar) and can also change sounds and the look of the mouse pointer. You can have multiple themes installed on your computer and change from one to another with just a few mouse clicks. So now, let me show you how to make the change.

First click the right mouse button on the computer’s screen. If you are having a hard time finding a place to click, close or minimize all of the program windows first. Save your changes first, of course! The right-click produces a menu of options. It looks something like this:

Windows 10 context menu

Now click “Personalize” to open a new window where you will be able to change the look of your computer’s desktop. Once this dialog box opens, you will see that there are several changes you can make to personalize your computer. Right now, however, we we are interested in Windows 10 themes. Here is the settings dialog:

Personalization settings

The left side of the settings dialog has a list of the changes you can make to personalize your computer. Now you need to click Themes to see a list of the Windows 10 themes you have installed.

Windows 10 Theme list

Finally, click on any of the themes listed to select it.

Or, as the graphic says, click the link to the Microsoft Store to select a new theme or two. Microsoft also has this Windows 10 Themes page that you can check out. I looked there today and found two new themes that I couldn’t resist!

Now that you now how to select a Windows 10 theme, why not learn how to create your own custom Windows 10 theme?

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